Vibharam Hospitalevery life is valuableAlways maintain and take care.

Service like a friend for valuable life Fully developed, HA-ISO level

Hospital history

Vibharam Hospital  Vibharam Hospital is a private hospital with 150 beds located on Phattanakan road near Suvarnabhumi Airport. The hospital was founded since 1998. We provide medical services with the quality and efficiency of care.

Vibharam Hospital was accredited (HA) from The Healthcare Accreditation Institute (Public Organization) Thailand and ISO 9001:2015.

Now, Vibharam Hospital has extendedwith the new building to bring modern tools and equipment for all of you to be healthy.


our vision

is a hospital that provides medical treatment according to leading international standards


  • Providing quality medical services
  • Assurance of service quality (Quality Assurance) according to international standards
  • Providing services with professional conscience


  • Mother and Child Center
  • Heart Emergency Center
  • Accident and Emergency Center
  • Stroke Center
  • GI-Endoscopy Center
  • Orthopedic Center