Wellness and Occupational Health Center

         Vibharam Hospital has a well-functioning center that provides health check-up both in-hospital and mobile check-up. We can also provide comprehensive occupational health services in various establishments by a team of occupational doctors and well-experienced healthcare team.

          Nowadays, people are more aware of self care and the perception to the healthcare are changing in terms of health checks which is a screening for abnormalities even before getting sick, and which may be divided as follows

  • General medical diseases are common diseases that are not related to work. It can happen to anyone, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, common cold, flu, etc.
  • Work Related Diseases are diseases that are not directly caused by work. But work is one of the factors that affect the disease or may increase the severity of the existing disease such as hypertension from work stress or dyspepsia from shift work, etc.
  • Occupational diseases are diseases caused by direct exposure to occupational hazards such as lead poisoning disease, silicosis from exposure to stone dust, etc.