Pediatric Department

          The pediatric clinic provides healthcare services for newborns up to adolescents (15 years old) by focusing on preventive and health promotion in order to reduce the risk of illness.

          The pediatricians cooperate with Obstetricians to contribute knowledge on prenatal, intranatal and postnatal care to make sure neonatal safety.
Newborns will be monitored by neonatal pediatricians for their growth and developments.
The child vaccinations are available at the Well Baby Clinic.

          Children with nutritional problems will be assisted by food and nutrition specialists.

          We also have pediatric endocrinologists and at the children growth and development clinic to advise development problems.

          Moreover, there are pediatricians who specialized on child’s allergy and immunology and heart diseases are available to provide ultimate care for the children.

For Appointment and More Information

Pediatric Clinic Tel. 0-2032-2550 Ext. 5047-5048
Well baby Clinic Ext. 5045-5046