Allergy and Rheumatology Department

          Vibharam Hospital provides care and treatment for patients with allergies, rheumatoid arthritis and connective tissue disease to ensure that the patients can live with happiness and have a good quality of life.


          Nowadays, Allergy is caused by dust, Dust mites and air pollution. There are also causes, symptoms, and severity of the disease. early diagnosis the cause of the condition, can help to avoid the cause of allergies, and manage the diseases.


          Pain syndrome caused from musculoskeletal system is frequently found in patients, resulting from several problems, which include infection, incorrect or excessive use and unknown reasons sometimes, leading the patients to pain and suffering. Currently, there are varieties of medications for rheumatoid arthritis treatment, and each medication has different side effects. Some patients have bought medications by themselves by not knowing that some medications possibly lead them to hazards. In case the use of drugs has not been monitored, and their doses have not been adjusted, the effects may lead the patients to deadly hazards. In addition, each inappropriate treatment may result in the disability and the deformity of those organs.


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