Radiology Department

          Radiology Department of Vibharam Hospital offers diagnostic Services With modern and highly efficient imaging technologies.

1. MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

          MRI is a technology used for examinations of inner organs with electromagnetic radiation for imaging to ensure high-resolution images and accurate organ disorder detection.

2. CT Scan (X-ray Computed Tomography)

          CT scan is a technology for X-ray imaging with computerized system to gain clearer data than other types of X-ray machines, Which makes it possible to examine organ abnormalities.

3. Digital Mammogram

            The technology can diagnose the first stage of breast tumor accurately, and it allows physicians to diagnose the tendency of the early stage of breast cancer.

4. Ultrasound

            The technology uses high-frequency wave to examine organ abnormalities in upper and lower abdomens, kidney, thyroid gland and breast lump to ensure fetus, uterus and ovary perfections

5. BMD (Bone Mineral Density)

          The bone densitometer is used to measure bone density for examining abnormalities in back and hip bones, aiming to assess whether patients are vulnerable to osteoporosis.

6. General X-ray

7. X-ray Mobile Bus


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