Ear, Nose and Throat Department

            The E.N.T. Department  at Vibharam Hospital are provided by physicians specialized in ear, nose and throat diseases. The services include advice on sinusitis up to surgeries and for cancers in complicated case, including cochlear implant.



  • Consultation and Ear, Nose, Throat Surgeries

– Major and Minor Surgeries for Ear, Nose and Throat

– Ear, Nose and Throat Examinations in Children

– Middle Ear Surgery

– Nasal Endoscopy

– Inner Ear and Nervous System Examinations

– Ear, Nose, Throat Endoscopy

– Snoring Treatment Center

  • Snoring

– Body Balance Treatment Center

  • Vertigo

– 2 Examination Rooms and Medical Devices

– Nasal Endoscopy

– Middle Ear Examination

– Hearing Test Rooms


For Appointment and More Information

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