Diabetes and Endocrinology Department

         The Diabetes Center of Vibharam Hospital offers one-stop services for diabetes diagnosis and treatment. The services are provided by physicians specializing in diabetes and endocrine gland and nutritionists. The Diabetes Center offers comprehensive care, treatment evaluation and monitoring for patients with diabetes to ensure that the patients have good quality of life.


  • Assess pre-diabetes risk and offer preventive measures for diabetes, blood lipid and blood pressure.
  • Control blood glucose, blood pressure, and lipid profile to achieve standard targets. Provide care for diabetes in pregnancy to ensure safe delivery and healthy newborns.
  • Offer treatment for diabetes-related complications, including vascular diseases, coronary artery diseases, hard-to-heal wounds, vascular surgery in diabetic foot, nervous system, complications, eyegroud/retina complications, renal complications.
  • Provide diabetes self management including diet, exercise, medications, diabetes complication.
  • Offer diagnosis and treatment for hormones, thytroid and endocrine disorder. Offer annual check up for diabetes.

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