• Vibharam Hospital has In-house Check-up center and mobile Check-up team. It also provides a full range of Occupational Health services by well-experienced occupational health care team.

  • Nowadays, people are more interested in health care, especially for health screening and Check-up. This is a screening for abnormalities or diseases that does not usually show the symptoms yet. It may be divided as follows.

General diseases are non-work-related diseases, might be underlying before or newly diagnosed such as diabetes, high blood pressure, flu and etc.

Work Related Diseases are diseases that are not primarily caused by work itself. But work is one of the factors that promote diseases, or sometimes can lead to more severe diseases such as hypertension, stress from work, freckles, dyspepsia because of low food intake from work shift and etc.

Occupational Diseases are  diseases caused by exposure to direct occupational hazards such as lead poisoning, silicosis from exposure to rock dust and etc.



  • Pre-employment examination, Annual Check-up, Check-up for insurance, Check-up to study in the abroad and vaccination.

  • Health services according to occupational health risks related to ears, eyes and lungs by package program such as seafarer program, Confined space program and the program for the one who is working at heights.

  • Mobile check-up


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